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Fun family event between 12 - 4pm including lots of cycling.

The route starts at 09:30 from Playgolf in Colchester and has a 5 or 6...

Colchester Bike Kitchen will be offering free Dr Bike checks alongside Cycle Colchester and...

Colchester residents are being given an opportunity to see new plans for Lexden Road.

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local riders

Tristan, a bar volunteer at the Waiting Room, was riding along one Monday and his frame snapped at the bottom of the headtube, right above the lug. “Sheared clean through,” he said, “all the way around. The only thing keeping it together was the steerer tube!”

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regular cycling activities


This month, instead of an interview, we tell you all about the Big Bike Revival and how our local bike kitchens are involved plus we talk to Tristan about how Colchester Bike Kitchen came to his rescue!

If you are interested in the cycle path/bus lane plans for Lexden Road, the new proposals will be available for comment on the 3 August.at Colchester grammar school.

Cycling UK Colchester are holding a 40/40 competition this month to encourage people to join their riding group.

With the beginning of the summer holidays a reminder of fun local activities by bike – the Cycling Centurion Treasure Trail and The Cake Escape.

Cycle Colchester will be working alongside the Colchester Bike Kitchen this month to promote cycling at Culver Square’s Sustainably event and Myland community fete. 

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