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James Alden, age 10, did a Bikeability Learn to Ride course at the beginning of August and, with mum Kate, talked about cycling during the summer holidays. Read the full interview here
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How quickly the evenings are drawing in! This year it has taken us a bit by surprise, perhaps because September was so warm and it is only now beginning to feel autumnal.

Our October local cyclist is James Alden, who tells us how he has recently learnt to ride, with the help of the Bikeability sessions we offer in the school holidays.

Following the autumnal theme, this month we share a few reminders to help you prepare for cycling in the dark.

If you are usually a fair weather cyclist but fancy seeing if you can cycle all year around this year, we also share tips on how to prepare for cycling in the cold weather.

October the 2nd saw the last event we will attend in 2016. It was great to see so many riders at the St Helena Hospice charity bike ride and the kids painted some fantastic flags made by the helpful Repair and Wear workshop.

If you study or work at the University of Essex we are offering Wednesday afternoon rides throughout October to highlight local routes, boost confidence and at the end of the month, cover riding in the dark and cold weather with our ‘See Me' sessions.

A recent email exchange reminded us of a scheme available to local organisations and community groups to get some free bike parking that we thought we should share. (Sorry but we have just been notified this scheme has recently ended - we are trying to find out more)

Re-Cycle are holding their next Saturday bike sale on the 29 October between 9am and 1pm. However they are also open for bike sales Monday to Friday 8:30aam – 4:30pm.

Have you ever heard of a Bike Jumble? Hosted by ColVelo, the Colchester Bike Jumble will take place at The Waiting Room on the 6 November 9 – 3pm.

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