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We are pleased to relaunch the Cycling Centurion Treasure Trail


Would you like to find the treasure of the ill fated Cycling Centurion? Read the story below of the events that unfolded, follow the trail, answer the questions and work out the secret code to locate the final resting place of the treasure.

Cycling Centurion Treasure Trail


Many know Colchester as the oldest recorded market town in Britain and with old towns there's always a history, long ago before Colchester was Colchester it was once Camulodunum, the Roman capital of Britannia.

The Romans moved in quickly occupying Camulodunum and silencing the local tribes, or so they thought?

As time went on and taxes grew the local tribes banded together under the banner of Boudicca and fought back against their Roman oppressors. During the fighting a lone centurion cowardly took cover behind the Temple of Claudius, later fleeing north. He took with him his Roman riches, but upon hearing the wheels of Boudicca's chariot fast approaching, he hid his riches in what is now known as High Woods Country Park.

Maybe if he had had his own set of wheels his fate would have been different? But then, you wouldn't get the chance to hunt for his treasure, why not get on your bike and search for the centurions' treasure! 


This treasure trail is set in High Woods Country Park and there is a physical 'treasure' at the end of the trail. Follow the directions, solving clues along the way; each answer refers to a location on the map which can be crossed off eventually leaving just one location. This is where the treasure is. There is also a code to be worked out which will let you into the treasure once you have found it. . The trail can be cycled or walked and covers a distance of 4 miles.

Once you have found the treasure please take a piece and leave us a message in the log book.

Download Now

Simply open the PDF below and print double sided, then fold in half and half again to form an A5 booklet.

Cycling Centurion Treasure Map


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