Do you need help?
Find out local help available to get you back in the saddle, to improve your confidence or get your bike ready to ride.

Donate your unwanted bike to be shipped to Africa and buy quality refurbished bikes at modest costs.

Colchester Cycling Campaign
For advice on what bike, local bike shops, routes beyond Colchester, Bike Drinks, local campaigning and much more.

CTC Cycle Champions
Regular, gentle rides, cycle confidence sessions, bike maintenance and lots more - welcomes families.

Eco Race
Does your school take part in the Essex Eco Race? If not check out this free and exciting initiative to promote active travel to school.

meet a local cyclist

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Since becoming Mayor of Colchester in June, Cllr Higgins says that, as well as being her preferred mode of transport, cycling is often quicker, and cheaper than using the official car.

Ben Paton and his son

Ben Paton is a life-long cyclist. “My uncle did cyclo-cross,” he says, “and ultimately I think I have to give him the credit for getting me started as a club cyclist.” Ben is a member of...

Sudanese bike
I am in Sudan this month, so haven't been able to interview a local Colchesterian cyclist. I tried to find a Sudanese cyclist to talk to, but having been unsuccessful thought I would share my...

Photo of Dr Laurel Spooner
Dr Laurel Spooner is in the hot saddle this month for the launch of our new Cycle Colchester website. 'In the open air on a bike you are truly a part of your surroundings. The air rushes by but...

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Evanson Bike Works

Hand made bikes, bike maintenance and fresh coffee

The Cake Escape

Cycle around Essex and collect stamps towards a free slice of cake!

Centurion Treasure Trail

Take the kids on a treasure trail around High Woods country park and find real treasure at the end!

Wivenhoe's Bike Kitchen

Friendly community bicycle workshop offering drop in sessions twice a week

Colchester Bike Kitchen

Friendly community bicycle workshop 1st and 3rd Saturday each month