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Interview with Steffen

Well my name is Steffen Boehm and I have taken up cycling at a very young age, I was about 3-4 years old and ever since I just continued doing it.
Photo of Steffen

1.Shall we start by introducing you to our readers?

Well my name is Steffen Boehm and I have taken up cycling at a very young age, I was about 3-4 years old and ever since I just continued doing it.

Back when I was commuting from London to Colchester I would take my bike on the train and then cycle from the station to the University where I am now a Professor in Management and Sustainability as well as the Director of the Essex Sustainability Institute. These roles involve research that focuses on sustainability issues, which is very relevant to cycling.

2. How do you find cycling in the UK compared to cycling in your home country (Germany)?

I would say the cycling element is stronger here, with more people on their bikes. Of course, there are people cycling in Germany as well, just not on the same scale. UK on the whole has better cycle paths which naturally impacts positively on cycling numbers. However, it is still a car-based society and unfortunately one bike does not translate in one car off the road. That is why campaigning about it is so important.

3. What is your involvement with the Colchester Cycling Campaign and what can you tell me about it?

This campaign is a fantastic initiative started a quarter of a century ago and continues to be very active today. We want to see more and more people cycling, to reach as many of them as possible.

After my colleague Will stepped down from the position, I have become the Chairman of the campaign. I would like to achieve a broadening of the campaign, to get younger people more involved, as well as commuters from the train station, which represent an important potential community of cyclists.

Also, we work towards securing better planning and better cycling facilities as it's important to have these in order to encourage people to take up cycling. It's a shame to think they could act as a deterrent if they are poorly executed.

4. How can people find out more about Colchester Cycling Campaign?

We have our own website and you can find out the latest news, join our mailing group and all sorts of things. To visit it, click on the link below:

Colchester Cycling Campaign (CCC)

You can also find us on Facebook and see what we're up to:

Colchester Cycling Campaign Facebook

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Wivenhoe's Bike Kitchen

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Colchester Bike Kitchen

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