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November 2016 news

News in brief this month.

Continuing our theme of children and cycling, this month we talk to Camille who tells us about the freedom she feels and the time she is saving now she is cycling to school.

If in the face of the dramatic drop in temperature, your resolve to continue cycling through the winter has wobbled, we share with you some motivational tips and the outcome of two recent studies highlighting the benefits of cycling for your heart.

If you are thinking about bikes as Christmas presents, check out Re-Cycle's November bike sale.

We upate you on the Colchester and Wivenhoe bike kitchens and what they are up to over the winter. 

Colchester's first Bike Jumble hosted by ColVelo at The Waiting Room on the 6 November was a great success. We include a photo below. Thanks to Mike Polom for the photo.

November Bike Jumble - The Waiting Room


Colchester Bike Jumble

More Bike Jumbles will follow, if you want to be kept up to date join their mailing list.

Motivation to keep cycling!

If in the face of the dramatic drop in temperature your resolve to cycle all year round has wobbled, here is some inspiration and tips on out how and why you should carry on! Love Winter Bike Commuting

Good for your heart!

If a reminder of the health benefits of cycling for your heart will also help spur you on, you can check out an article about the outcome of two recent studies.

Pre-loved bikes for Christmas

It’s coming up for Christmas, and if you are thinking of getting yourself or any of your family a new bike, why not go with the pre-loved option and check out Re-Cycle’s refurbished bike sale. A selection of bikes will be on sale on Saturday 26th November from 9am until 1pm at their warehouse in Wormingford.

Colchester and Wivenhoe Bike Kitchens

The bike kitchens will continue to operate through the winter

Colchester Bike Kitchen will next be open on 19th November, however during December, it will open on the 2nd  Saturday rather than 1st (10th December), as Bazaar is moving to this date. It will be open as normal on the 3rd Saturday (17th December)  As you probably know the Waiting Room is closing soon, so keep an eye on the CBK facebook page and via our newsletter to find out their exciting plans for the new year.

Wivenhoe Bike Kitchen have got new super bright lights for working outdoors after dark so they can carry on helping you fix your bike problems all year around. Opening continues Mondays 7pm to 9 and Saturdays 2pm to 4 when you can drop by for help and drink some warming tea too! They operate on a donations basis and have a stock of consumables such as brake pads, cables, inner tubes as well as a jumble of donated parts.

Don't forget if you're in Wivenhoe and need to pump your tyres the Library have a track pump you can use while there.




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local riders

Irena Banham tells us how her son Zak has encouraged both of his parents to become a bit obsessed with cycling, and how it’s now proving a great way for her to beat congestion on the school run. More

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