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Back for its fifth year, Ride Helen promises to be one of the region’s biggest and best cycling...
You can buy a good second hand refurbished bike from Re-Cycle to help with their fund raising.

Everyone loves the Wivenhoe Trail, but help is needed to keep this stretch of the River Colne...

The main path through Hilly Fields will be closed for resurfacing work.

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27 and 29 October - FREE Bikeability training

Improve your on-road cycle confidence during the half term holiday. Sessions for adults and family groups at Thomas Lord Audley School.

Would you like to improve your confidence riding in town centre traffic?
Do you worry about taking your children cycling on the road?
Did your children miss their Bikeability training at school?

We have the answer! See http://bikeability.org.uk, we are offering all three levels for free, you just pay a refundable deposit of £10 a head. Family groups are welcome, and each member will be allocated to a group according to ability. The venue is Thomas Lord Audley School and it's on a first come, first served basis, so get in touch quickly if you're interested!

LEVEL 1 ONLY - For young children who know how to ride, and need to start developing the skills for cycling on quiet roads, there’s a choice of two sessions on either Tuesday or Thursday morning (9.30am-11.30pm)

LEVEL 1 and 2 COMBINED - For adults and children who are ready to start cycling on the road, you’ll need to attend both the Tuesday and Thursday sessions (9.30am-1.30pm)

LEVEL 3 - For adults and children who already cycle confidently on the road but would benefit from training about how to navigate more complex junctions, you’ll need to attend both the Tuesday and Thursday sessions (2.30pm-4.30pm)

Please contact us asap to book or make further enquiries on cyclecolchester@gmail.com or ring Pam Nelson (01206 282762) or Emily Harrup (01206 506476).

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Self-confessed petrolhead Ashley Parmenter learned to drive a car before he tried riding a bike at the age of 19. He likes having a car for long journeys but thinks the bike is best for short trips. And learning to cycle has also provided him with some interesting jobs.


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