September 2020

Summer may be well and truly over, but Autumn is still a beautiful time to be out and about on your bike. The best news is Wivenhoe Bike Kitchen are open again every Monday 19:00-21:00 and Sunday 14:00-16:00: WBK offers free safety checks at all sessions until...

August 2020

The Stop. Swap. GO! 60 Day Challenge is in full swing! Hundreds of people in Essex have already joined the 60 Day Challenge designed to motivate participants to walk and cycle more. The challenge launched on 1 August and already there is lots of activity on social...

June 2020 News

We’ve got updates from Wivenhoe Bike Kitchen, the Colchester Orbital has launched, FREE bikeability training and much more

May 2020 News

We hope you've been enjoying some cycling on the quieter roads, especially as the weather's been so nice! Sorry this month's newsletter is a little bit late but there's plenty for you to read. This month's interview is with Rick King. Rick told us about his time...

April 2020 News

It’s been a funny old month hasn’t it? Some of us are now working from home, others are furloughed and others are carrying on in essential roles. No matter what you’re doing, thank you for doing your bit to keep us all safe and hopefully riding a bike is keeping you active and happy! We’ve got plenty of news this month, mostly on a theme you’d expect, so if you’d rather steer clear of that then we fully understand!

There’s no new interview this month but if you haven’t already then we really recommend you go back and have a read of last month’s with Re~Cycle volunteer Richard. His enthusiasm for the charity and riding his bike is infectious (if you’ll excuse the term!)

Rick King

This month’s interview is with Rick King. Rick’s been volunteering with lots of cycling and mobility projects in Colchester, and his story of how cycling transformed his health is really inspirational. With social distancing in place I wasn’t able to go and see Rick in person, but he very kindly answered a few questions by email instead. Read on…

Richard Harris

This month I sat down with Re~Cycle volunteer and all round bike lover Richard Harris to chat about what got him back into riding, why Re~Cycle is the best place to work, and what he’s planning for his next bike…

Wivenhoe Bike Kitchen

On a chilly Monday evening at the end of January I took a ride to meet Jo and Jay, founders of Wivenhoe Bike Kitchen. I leant my bike against the fence outside their workshop in the Canoe Store at the old Cook’s Shipyard in Wivenhoe, knocked on the door, and was greeted by Jo – and the offer of a hot cup of tea. How could I say no…

Catherine and Stuart Johnson 

This month I met Catherine and Stuart Johnson for a cup of tea and a catch up at The Minories tearoom. We talked about cycle campaigning, utility cycling and how riding a bike quite simply puts a smile on your face!  

Lucy Mondon

This month's interview is with Lucy Mondon. Lucy tells us about how getting an e-bike has given her a new found confidence in cycling on the road, as well as some tips and tricks about how to get the most out of your  e-bike! How did you first start cycling?  It’s the...

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