February 2020 News

This month we popped down to Wivenhoe Bike Kitchen in, er, Wivenhoe, to catch up with Jo and Jay who've been helping people fix their bikes in the village for six years or so. We've also got news about Bikeability, an upcoming closed rode 100 mile sportive right here...

January 2020 News

Our interviews will return from next month, for now there’s plenty of news for you to get your teeth into. Fancy a ride round the Dengie? Some freebies from Colchester Bike kitchen? Got a new bike for Christmas? Why not donate your old one to Re~Cycle. Or if you’re just getting back on the bike, book yourself some cycle confidence sessions with Safer Essex Roads. We’ve also got a roundup of some interesting things that have caught our eye this week…

December 2019 News

We’re sorry to say that there’s no interview this month, instead we’ve got a bumper edition of the newsletter for you. We’ve also got our usual interesting links, and a few last minute gift ideas… you better be quick though as it’s not long to go now!

November 2019 News

This month we’ve got a bumper issue including updates from our friends at local charity Re~Cycle,  the exciting work Sustrans are doing at Winstree Road, how to get involved with Colchester Cycling Campaign and some news from local cycle clubs. We’ve also included...

October 2019 News

Find out about the Clean Air Survey, an update from Sustrans on the Winstree Road Project, the Wheels for All festival and some tips and tricks on how to keep your bike safe. We’ve also got news from our friends at Re~Cycle and the Colchester and Wivenhoe Bike Kitchens.

Wivenhoe Bike Kitchen

On a chilly Monday evening at the end of January I took a ride to meet Jo and Jay, founders of Wivenhoe Bike Kitchen. I leant my bike against the fence outside their workshop in the Canoe Store at the old Cook’s Shipyard in Wivenhoe, knocked on the door, and was greeted by Jo – and the offer of a hot cup of tea. How could I say no…

Catherine and Stuart Johnson 

This month I met Catherine and Stuart Johnson for a cup of tea and a catch up at The Minories tearoom. We talked about cycle campaigning, utility cycling and how riding a bike quite simply puts a smile on your face!  

Lucy Mondon

This month's interview is with Lucy Mondon. Lucy tells us about how getting an e-bike has given her a new found confidence in cycling on the road, as well as some tips and tricks about how to get the most out of your  e-bike! How did you first start cycling?  It’s the...

Liz Bethell

This month we chatted with Liz Bethell from St James’ Primary School about her work as a bikeability instructor, growing up on her bike as a bit of a tomboy and how she’s held onto her favourite bike for a long time…

Willow Mitchell

This month I caught up with Willow Mitchell in and found out all about how she went from pootling around the country lanes on her bike as a kid to working on exciting behaviour change projects with Sustrans. Via Brighton and Berlin of course.

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